Lose Weight with Green Tea


Green tea is the world’s most consumed tea and is being increasingly popular for its incredible health benefits including weight loss. Lot of scientific research and studies have identified that green tea greatly helps in losing weight.

Where does green tea come from?

Green tea has originated from China where it has been consumed for more than 5000 years now. It is made from the tea plant “Camellia Sinensis”. Green tea is made without any fermentation process making this a completely natural and unprocessed as compared to black tea or other tea types.

Why you can lose weight with green tea?

A key ingredient that makes it easy to lose weight in green tea is flavonoid EGCG (epigallocatechin gallate). But how exactly does it work?

The flavonoid EGCG (epigallocatechin gallate) is strong antioxidants that eliminates harmful free radicals (damaging compounds in the body). It produces extra heat in the body and burn more calories.  Many research have proved that EGCG found in green teal boosts body’s metabolism and help burn more fat especially during exercise.

4 Facts that works to lose weight with green tea

  • Faster Metabolism
    speeds up the metabolism in your body. The faster the metabolism in the human body, the more calories you will burn and more weight you will lose.
  • Less Appetite
    Green tea has almost no calories but gives you a feeling of fullness, so you have less need to eat.
  • Fat Burning
    Green tea provides a slightly significant natural increase in body temperature and as the body will again try to cool off, it has to burn extra calories.
  • Reduces Stress
    It helps to lower the cortisol levels in the body, primary stress hormone released by the body. This ensures that there is less visceral fat created.

7 Benefits of green tea for health

Green tea not only helps to lose weight, but has lot of other health benefits:

  • Reduces risk of cardiovascular disease
  • Helps in cholesterol-lowering
  • Beautiful skin
  • Strengthens the immune system
  • Fresher breath
  • Helps prevent a hangover
  • Slows down the aging process

How much green tea should you drink to lose weight?

It is recommended to drink three to four cups of green tea daily to help you with weight loss. Drink green tea throughout the day so your body any time of the day can utilize the positive effects of green tea.

Where can I buy green tea?

Green tea is easily available in every supermarket and drugstore. You can opt for green tea bags or green tea leaves. There are also green tea tablets available with green tea extracts. This may seem like a nice alternative, but purity of the green tea leaves used in these tablets is questionable. So, drinking natural green tea is the best option.

How do I make green tea?

When brewing green tea, it is very important that the active ingredients are not boiled. So here are the steps to make your green tea:

  1. Boil water
  2. Let the water cool down for about eight minutes so that it has reached a temperature of around 75 degrees.
  3. Add green tea to it and drink it after three and five minutes.

How much weight can I lose with green tea?

You may not see any instant results but surely start to notice a difference in about two months. You can expect to lose one to three kilos in two months.


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